Managing Fire Ant Mounds in Your Yard

Managing fire ant mounds in your yard should begin and end with Fire Ant Control, LLC. Red imported fire ant populations will continue to expand unless something happens to limit the growth of the population and the physical nest. Our services will protect your property, family, and guests from damage and injury.

Managing Fire Ant Mounds in Your YardFire Ant Control, LLC, uses a series of practices that work well to manage fire ant populations. Our granular bait is strong and regulated, approved for use around people and pets. We apply the bait strategically so that fire ants who find the bait carry it to the queen. She then loses the ability to reproduce, and the whole colony dwindles away as the living ants reach the end of their life cycle. 

Red imported fire ants find Florida and the rest of the Southeast US to be great places to build and thrive. The moisture and warmth are ideal for fire ants, and even the cold temperatures during the winter seldom faze fire ants. They can survive temps as low as 16°F.

As fire ants live their best lives, they destroy root systems, wiring, HVAC systems, and even home slabs. In their search for prime living, fire ants invade everything from laundry piles to hay bales, pet food, and the crumbs your kids leave on the sofa.

Do you have a fire ant issue?

Above-ground signs of red imported fire ants are limited mainly to the mounds that provide entrance/egress and solar heating and cooling. After heavy rain, you’ll likely see these mounds around vertical structures like trees, poles, mailboxes, and sidewalks. Any situation that disturbs the fire ants can instigate an aggressive response. The red imported fire ants will emerge from the mound and attack as a group, biting and stinging simultaneously until they’re physically removed.

Fire ant attacks leave victims with a hard blister with a white pustule. The blister resembles a pimple and is caused by the unique venom of red imported fire ants. If you have this type of injury following an ant bite, you can be sure of the type of ant that bit you. Only red imported fire ants make this injury. For most victims, the result is pain and a week-long blister, but for others, the result is a local, systemic, or anaphylactic allergic reaction. Death can be the result without immediate medical intervention for a small percentage of the population. If an allergy is known, an epi-pen should be carried.

Effective Fire Ant management

Fire Ant Control, LLC, employs a granular bait that targets the population via the queen. Most of the fire ant population is well hidden underground, and we use a granular bait that sterilizes the queen when the worker ants carry it down to her for sustenance. The fire ant colony dies when the ones already alive reach the end of their lives without new ones to replace them.

Retreatment every four months maintains a property up to 95% free of fire ants – or your money back.

Managing fire ants in your yard is as easy as contacting Fire Ant Control, LLC. Click here or call (239) 312-8200 for affordable treatment that works.