Managing Fire Ants around Florida Schools

Fire Ant Control, LLC, is an effective resource for Florida schools who require measures for managing fire ants around their grounds. We’re licensed and insured and offer a money back guarantee for customers who comply with repeat treatments every four months.

Managing Fire Ants around Florida SchoolsSchools who assign fire ant maintenance to the grounds crew are making a mistake. Without professional intervention, like that of Fire Ant Control, LLC, efforts to manage fire ants will be disappointing. In Florida, the need for management of imported red fire ants is essential, so make sure to secure your appointment with us before they damage the school buildings or injure students or faculty.

Why Imported Red Fire Ants Are So Troublesome

Most ants are fairly harmless. They might disrupt your picnic, but it will be by getting into your food – not attacking you. Red imported fire ants are different. They attack aggressively with minor or no provocation. They also breed at a rapid pace and cause damage to real property including trees, concrete slabs, and electrical equipment.

Red imported fire ants build extensive colonies of tunnels underground. They nest underground with the only evidence of their presence above ground being plate-size mounds that reach 10” in height. In a single acre of property, multi-queen colonies could host 40 million fire ants.

These fire ants are incredibly resilient. They survive extreme cold temperatures and heavy rains. When rains drive them out of their colonies, the worker ants will create a raft around the queen and float until they reach a dry surface, where they will then resettle their colony. In fact, after a rain is one of the times when you should be most aware of where you step.

Fire ants aren’t picky eaters. The crumbs of playground snacks will call these ants like moths to a flame. Keeping food tightly stored, classrooms clean, and leaks fixed will minimize the risk of classroom infestation.

HVAC systems are especially vulnerable to fire ant infestation. They’re drawn to the warmth of the unit and will build nests inside of it. Our service will ensure this expensive equipment is protected.

The sting of a fire ant isn’t the same as other ants. The venom is unique to the insect and can be lethal for 1% of the population. With young children, it’s especially important to monitor bite victims for an allergic reaction.

Eliminating the Problem

We target the queen. By eliminating her means of reproduction, we’re able to stop the fire ant population in its tracks.

Fire Ant Control, LLC uses a granular bait that the worker ants carry to the queen. She then becomes sterile, laying no new eggs. As the living ants die, so goes the colony.

In a matter of weeks, the school grounds will be up to 85% free of fire ants, and they will stay up to 95% free of fire ants for the next four months. However, you’ll need to have the property treated again every four months.

We provide a money back guarantee. If you schedule our service every four months and don’t see a significant reduction in fire ants, we’ll return your money.

If you’re in charge of managing fire ants around Florida schools, save time and money by calling Fire Ant Control, LLC, as early as possible. For a free estimate, call us today at (239) 312-8200.