Managing Fire Ants Around Homes and In Neighborhoods

Managing fire ants around homes and in neighborhoods doesn’t have to be a never-ending battle. Fire Ant Control, LLC, has the capacity to treat all types of properties, including private, commercial, agricultural, and public lands.

Managing Fire Ants Around Homes and In NeighborhoodsRed imported fire ants aren’t a unique issue in Florida. They’re prevalent in the city and the country, destroying wiring, structures, and HVAC systems as well as killing vulnerable livestock and vegetation. The injuries that come from fire ants are also extremely painful, and in some cases, even deadly.

Fire Ant Management

One of the primary ways to manage fire ant populations is to prevent the creation of a colony from the beginning. A clean yard without debris is much less appealing to fire ants when the queen is searching for the perfect place to lay her first generation. When evidence of fire ants appears, treatment needs to be as quickly as possible. The best option for service is to book one with Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Treating individual colonies one at a time is just the beginning of managing an entire community’s population of red imported fire ants. Regular service by our team can accomplish the goal of keeping all of the properties in an area up to 95% free of fire ant infestation. However, maintaining a clean yard, sealing up animal food, and fixing water leaks quickly are all important steps to make individual properties unappealing to fire ants.

Tips for dealing with fire ant infestations around homes and in neighborhoods:

  • Don’t get too close to fire ant mounds;
  • Wear long sleeves and pants, tuck pants into socks, wear closed-toed shoes when venturing into an area known to be infested;
  • Cleanse any fire ant stings as quickly as possible with soap and water or an alcohol wipe;
  • Monitor anyone attacked for the potential of anaphylaxis. Seek medical attention if the throat begins to close or the victim becomes dizzy, the chest begins to tighten, or they become nauseated or begin to vomit.

About Fire Ant Control, LLC

Fire Ant Control, LLC, is headquartered in Bokeelia, Florida, and we serve the entire Southwest Florida region. In conjunction with our sister companies, we have the capacity to treat up to 1,000 acres each day, serving the whole US Southeast.

As premier specialists in managing fire ant populations, Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers treatment for any size of purpose of land. We use a strong bait that appeals to fire ants as food, sterilizes the queen, and stops the queen from allowing the population to continue expanding.

A fire ant colony expands in terms of population and nest size. Fire ants build without ceasing underground, creating extensive tunnel networks to hold the constantly growing population. You may see no evidence of their presence aboveground even as you have millions of fire ants beneath the surface.

All fire ant behavior is aimed at promoting the success of the colony. Even when heavy rains come, the focus is the survival of the colony. The fire ants forego their own survival in order to protect the queen and her eggs. They surround her in a tight body formed by their own bodies and then float to a point high enough to climb to higher ground.

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