Organic Fire Ant Control for Large Fields

Fighting fire ants and despise harsh and dangerous chemicals? Choose Fire Ant Control, LLC, for organic fire ant control for large fields and pasture land.

About Fire Ant Control

Organic Fire Ant Control for Large FieldsFire Ant Control, LLC, provides a cost-effective method of managing the population of red imported fire ants. Along with our sister companies, we can treat the entire quarantined region, covering the US Southeast, up to 1,000 acres/day. Our service is appropriate for various property types, including agricultural, residential, commercial, and public properties.

Fire Ant Management Options

In large fields, you might consider options that wouldn’t work for a yard or playground. Some of these measures may work to an extent, but they won’t eradicate the problem. The mobile nature of fire ants makes full coverage nearly impossible. However, if you follow through with Fire Ant Control, LLC treatments every four months, we guarantee a minimum of 85% reduction of the fire ant population.

Attempting to control the fire ant population by introducing creatures to the environment that consume them is an option. Unfortunately, red imported fire ants aren’t native to this area, so the few species that do compete with fire ants aren’t up to the task of controlling the population.

Targeted boiling water application to the mounds themselves is another measure that some try to control fire ants. Fire ants are often closer to the surface after periods of heavy precipitation and on cool mornings. Pouring about three gallons of boiling water on a mound will provide temporary relief by killing about ⅔ of the fire ant population within the colony.

The issues with applying boiling water or other liquids onto fire ant mounds include the potential for severe injury and damage to surrounding vegetation.

Other notions some property owners attempt are to instigate wars between fire ant colonies by digging up one mound and dumping it on top of another, knocking the mound down repeatedly, or dousing the mound with gasoline. None of these measures is more effective than wishing the fire ants away, and they could be dangerous.

The problem with any of these “treatments” is the same. They don’t stop fire ants at their ultimate source: the queen. Preventing her from reproducing is the only way to impact the number of fire ants significantly. Understanding this fact, we at Fire Ant Control, LLC, use an effective insect growth-inhibiting bait combined with strategic application methods.

The bait that we use stops the queen from being able to lay eggs, so as the living citizens of the colony reach the end of their lives, no new hatching occurs to replace them. You’ll see a drastic difference within a single fire ant life cycle. This measure may not be as dramatic as setting a fire ant mound ablaze, but it’s far more effective and safer.

Our bait is regulated and approved for use around pets, cattle, livestock, vegetation, and people.

With repeat treatments every four months, we offer a money-back guarantee. Your property will stay at least 85% free of fire ants, or we will return your payment.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers organic fire ant control for large fields. Click here or call (239) 312-8200 to book your initial or follow-up service or to get a free estimate.