Orlando Fire Ant Control Services

Businesses and residences in Orlando need fire ant control services like those provided by Fire Ant Control, LLC. Our techniques and products are designed to target population control, the most effective strategy for long-term management of fire ants.

Orlando Fire Ant Control ServicesEliminating fire ants from the region is not likely. They are not going anywhere, having fully integrated into the South’s environment. You can, however, manage their presence on your property, protecting your pets, guests, children, livestock, and vegetation from attack and your property from expensive damage.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, in conjunction with sister companies, offers management service to the whole quarantined area of the Southeast US. We can service up to 1,000 acres per day, using a granular bait that has been approved for use around people and animals without a period of wait time for reentry.

Customers of Fire Ant Control, LLC, receive a money-back promise. As long as they follow up with service three times per year, the property in question will remain 85-95% free of fire ants, and if it doesn’t, we will return your fee.

We treat all types of properties, both private and public, and the granular bait that we use will not drift in the air throughout the neighborhood or put your pets and guests at risk for respiratory or other health issues.

The Most Effective Fire Ant Treatment

Taking care of a fire ant infestation on your own is a proposition that will probably not be effective. The chemicals and products offered at the nearby box store may provide a bit of immediate gratification, but they target the mound itself, killing just a few surface ants. This gratification will be short-lived because the queen will continue to lay eggs daily.

In a very short period, the colony will return and surpass the original size unless the queen can no longer reproduce.

If you’re considering another pest control company, do your due diligence. Consider their products, reputation, insurance and licensing status, and more. Making a poor decision could cost money and damage to pets, vegetation, and neighborly peace.

Rely on Fire Ant Control, LLC, to provide a solution that works for several months at a time and doesn’t require a significant time investment.

The bait that we use is an insect growth regulator. To fire ants, the bait is much like food and acts as a Trojan horse. The scavenging fire ants carry the bait to the queen themselves. She becomes sterilized when she consumes the bait, and the colony dies out naturally.

Fire ants move around to establish new colonies, seek food, and escape flooding. By the end of a single month, the property in question will see a minimum 85% reduction in fire ant presence. Sustain this absence of fire ants by calling us for retreatment every four months.

As much as we love Orlando, fire ants do, too, making fire ant control services essential. The plentiful supply of food, warmth, and moisture make this area a fire ant paradise, and treatment like ours is the only successful intervention. If you’d like to schedule Fire Ant Control, LLC, to provide your management services, call us at (239) 312-8200 or contact us online today.