Orlando Fire Ant Pest Control

The happiest place on Earth will quickly lose its vibe if a fire ant attack occurs, making it critical that you arrange for effective pest control in Orlando through Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Red imported fire ants, also called Solenopsis invicta, reproduce aggressively and have a unique venom that creates seriously painful blisters and even severe allergic responses in some.

Orlando Fire Ant Pest ControlFire ants adore the moisture, sun, warmth, and food of areas around here. Damage to property and injury to people are the results of infestations. Parks, golf courses, water banks, and other places are at risk of infiltration. Protect your pets, young vegetation, electrical components, and A/C systems by managing fire ant populations on your property.

Know Your Enemy in Order to Defeat It

Knowing as much as possible about red imported fire ants is the best way to fight them. We’re confident that you’ll call Fire Ant Control, LLC, to schedule service once you understand them.

Red imported fire ants fly to mate. Immediately after mating, the male passes away, and the new queen sheds her wings and drops to the ground. She will then scout the area for prime real estate and begin her colony!

Once finding the perfect location, the queen will tunnel deep below ground, sealing herself in to hatch the initial generation of fire ants. Thus, the new red imported fire ant colony is born.

Red imported fire ants focus on the colony’s population and structure.

The only sign above ground is the mounds that provide entrance and exit to the colony and solar heating to survive temperature extremes.

Worker fire ants hunt and gather for food constantly while the queen spends all of her energy laying eggs. In the meantime, the worker ants continue building the colony to handle the expanding population.

When intruders threaten, fire ants swarm out of the colony to protect the population. They will climb, biting and stinging, all at the same time. The attack takes minimal provocation, and the unique venom they have causes painful blisters. This venom also causes an anaphylactic reaction that requires immediate medical care in some people.

Fire ant populations are hardy. They survive temperature extremes and flooding. In fact, when water floods the colony, the fire ants will form balls around the queens, protecting her and their eggs, floating to dry land, and securing the colony’s future.

Reach out to Fire Ant Control, LLC

Whether your property consists of a small lot or a vast ranch area, we can treat it. At Fire Ant Control, LLC, we provide an approved and proven measure of fire ant management. Using a granular bait that appeals to fire ants as food, we stop the population in its tracks. The queen, no longer able to lay eggs, is left purposeless, and the worker ants die naturally. The population dwindles to nothing.

The mobile nature of the species means that you will need to schedule a follow-up service every four months. When you do, though, we guarantee our service with a money-back guarantee.

Dial (239) 312-8200 or follow this link to schedule the best fire ant pest control in Orlando: Fire Ant Control, LLC.