Professional Fire Ant Control

An infestation of red imported fire ants is difficult to manage without professional fire ant control like that Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides.

DIY Answers Don’t Work Long Term

Professional Fire Ant ControlChoosing to live with fire ants or attempting to manage them on your own are both non-starters. The population will continue to grow without treatment, ruining any prospect for enjoyment of your outdoor areas, and they’ll even infest your electric components, tree roots, and interior rooms of your home. To protect your person, home, and property, choose a professional solution.

Chemicals that you pick up from home improvement stores work by individually treating mounds, one at a time. Not only do these products only kill surface ants, but they typically can’t be used around your pets or people.

Some people choose to pour boiling water, bleach, or vinegar down the mound, but again, these products are a temporary, half-hearted measure that won’t produce significant, long-term results. The bulk of the colony lives below ground within a network of subterranean tunnels that the ants are constantly building.

A Solution That Works for the Long Haul

Fire Ant Control, LLC, uses a method of fire ant treatment that is proven to work effectively for months at a time and is safe for use around people and animals.

This measure utilizes a granular bait product that works by sterilizing the queen when carried into the colony by the worker ants. The bait functions as an insect growth regulator, preventing new ants from hatching and reducing the population by 85% within just a couple of weeks.

The mobile behavior of red imported fire ants requires that treatment be reapplied every four months to keep the population in check.

This method works much better than other options because they’re not effective for long periods of time, generally unsafe, and often expensive.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, backs our treatment with a guarantee that your property will remain 85- 95% free of red imported fire ants for six-month periods. If the service doesn’t provide this level of protection, we’ll refund your payment.

The Dangers of Agricultural Fire Ant Infestations

  • Injury to cattle or other livestock
  • Death to sick and aging livestock
  • Damaged, clogged machinery and equipment
  • Mounds within hay fields, reducing hay production
  • Hay bale infestation
  • Injury to labor/hands
  • Damage to electrical equipment

The Dangers of Residential Fire Ant Infestations

  • Damage to newly planted or injured trees
  • Damage to building foundations
  • Destruction of breakers and HVAC central air units
  • Injury to children, pets, and others
  • Loss of outdoor use of property

Fire Ant Control, LLC, makes use of a powerful granular bait that the worker ants take in and down to the colony’s queen. She is made infertile, and the population dies out as the living ants expire. This solution works better than other options, costs less, and is significantly safer. Schools, churches, golf courses, restaurants, homes, parks, and every other property in the area can be up to 99% free of red imported fire ants with bi-yearly treatment by Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Professional fire ant control measures are the ideal solution to a fire ant infestation, and we at Fire Ant Control, LLC, offer a surefire method backed by a guarantee. To schedule a consultation for a free estimate or a service, call (239) 312-8200 for a place on our calendar.