Protecting Horses from Fire Ants

The danger of red imported fire ants to horses is real. These ants are attackers with painful bites and stings that leave welts on the animals’ legs and marks on their caretakers as well. The risk of anaphylactic shock is present and can lead to life-threatening symptoms without prompt medical attention. To keep your horses and workers happy and safe, call Fire Ant Control, LLC, for help protecting them from red imported fire ants.

Protecting Horses from Fire AntsSince 2013, Fire Ant Control, LLC, has offered effective treatment of red fire imported fire ants. We have the products and skills required to manage fire ant populations, keeping areas 99% free of fire ants when treated every four months.

The Hazards of Fire Ants to Horses

If you’ve walked through a pasture and been attacked by a swarm of fire ants, you know how painful the bites and stings can be. Now imagine that same pain being visited on your helpless horses. Not only is the pain an unnecessary and unfair result of failing to treat your pastureland, but fire ant attacks can also be deadly to newborn foals or older horses in poor health.

Fire ants tend to love bales of hay. Imagine the torture to your animal when a bite of hay results in a mouthful of fire ants that they can’t independently remove.

The danger of fire ants extends to you as well. Interacting with your animals shouldn’t result in painful bites, stings, and painful pustule-filled bumps.

Instead of leaving your horses vulnerable to fire ant swarms, treat your pasture and barn areas for fire ants by calling Fire Ant Control, LLC. Your acreage probably has hundreds of ant colonies that need to be addressed, and we have the right approach.

What We Do and Why It Works

Fire Ant Control, LLC, is a provider of fire ant management. We use granular bait that works when taken into the mound and eaten by the queen or queens. This bait then stops the queen’s ability to lay eggs, sterilizing her. This fact results in the death of the entire population as one by one the living ants expire. Soon enough, the entire colony is gone. This treatment is significantly more effective than options that only treat mounds or visible ants because thousands more of them live in the nest below ground.

Our process does require repeat treatments every four months since ants move around. With appropriate compliance to our treatment schedule, your horse’s areas will remain 85-95% free of imported red fire ants. It’s important to remember that over time the granules will be used up, washed away, and lose effectiveness.

Do not postpone our treatment just because you don’t see any ants; our process works faster and better with regular treatments. Regardless of the size of your property or the abundance of the fire ant problem, we can handle it and prevent a continuous, relentless headache.

If you live in the Southeastern United States and have horses, protecting them from red imported fire ants is likely to be a problem. To take care it, call Fire Ant Control, LLC, for an estimate or to schedule treatment: (239) 312-8200.