Red Imported Fire Ant Control Methods

The methods that we use at Fire Ant Control, LLC, to manage the red imported fire ant population on properties in Southwest Florida are cost-effective, efficient, and thorough.

Red Imported Fire Ant Control MethodsThe majority of the issues related to red imported fire ants stem from the fact that the species is not native to the United States. They found their way into the country through the Port of Mobile nearly a century ago and have successfully established their presence across the southern half of the US. Dealing with them is difficult because they lack natural competition for resources, will eat practically anything, nest anywhere, survive harsh conditions, and dominate other ant species.

Fire ants will infest so many areas, and the places grow stranger as the population grows larger. From bales of hay to HVAC systems, home foundations, sunny open pastures and parks, and many other areas are prime real estate for fire ants.

Unfortunately, the fact that fire ants will infest all of these areas means that they’ll also damage those properties and cause injuries to the people and animals that step into them.

Prevent Injury and Damage by Fire Ants

To prevent the damage and injury fire ants can inflict, you need to plan to control the population. The most efficient answer is to call Fire Ant Control, LLC, and schedule a service ASAP.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, in alliance with our sister companies, can serve over 1,000 acres per day, and our service area covers the whole quarantined area regarding fire ant control.

While waiting for the time you have scheduled, or in between services, take special care of your property to make it less attractive to migrating red imported fire ants. You can do so by keeping animal food tightly sealed in storage containers and avoiding over-feeding pets. Ants will think they discovered a terrific prize if food is left lying around.

Animal pens need to be kept clean; the yard area does as well. Clutter left lying around the yard provides fire ants with a refuge when rains occur.

If water leaks around the property, you can bet fire ants will take advantage. Water is necessary for life, and leaking water on your property will cause mass migration of all sorts of creatures and pests, especially red imported fire ants.

In short, keep your property clean and dry to minimize the attraction for red imported fire ants.

The method that we use here at Fire Ant Control, LLC utilizes a granular bait that has been approved for use around people and animals. The worker ants will stumble across the “food” and carry it to the queen. It will sterilize her and, within one life cycle, will successfully eliminate the fire ant population.

The treatment will work well for a guaranteed four months at a time. You must schedule services three times per year, and when you do, we offer a money-back guarantee for its effectiveness.

Plan for a successful battle against red imported fire ants by arranging for the most effective control methods available. Fire Ant Control, LLC, is available and able to serve all categories of property in the area, and you can explore all the options by contacting us online or dialing (239) 312-8200.