Service for Controlling Fire Ants in Orlando

If you are searching for an effective service for controlling fire ants in Orlando, your search is over! Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers measures to clear your property and protect your family, guests, and property from injury and damage.

Service for Controlling Fire Ants in OrlandoThe southeastern portion of the US has a quarantine measure to mitigate the spread of red imported fire ants. Fire Ant Control, LLC, working with our sister companies, can provide service to all areas within this region. Our measures are approved for use on both public and private properties and around animals and people.

Attracting and Preventing Red Imported Fire Ants

Fire ants can, unfortunately, find their way into your home. They may come in on your shoes, a potted plant, or other outdoor products brought inside. Indoor infestations are also due to searching for food, water, and refuge.

Red imported fire ants live within colonies, and the individual members of the colony fill several roles. The queen lays eggs; one sector of the ants cares for the queen, her eggs, and her larvae; one sector hunts for food; one sector protects the colony, and one sector builds the tunnels belowground.

The hunting fire ants are always on the hunt, and if they find a significant source of available food, they will come back for more. Do everything you can to keep pet food far from the house, and keep the food itself stored in sealed containers. Keep your garbage away from the house and sealed well.

Ants also require water, and a regular source of it will draw the attention of queens looking for a place to colonize. Take measures to fix all leaks as quickly as possible, and do not allow standing water to remain.

Fixing points of intrusion are yet another measure of protection. Tiny fire ants will take advantage of gaps as small as ⅛”, so those small holes used for wiring and pipes must be sealed. You should also check weather stripping regularly.

As important as these suggestions are, you must remember that if fire ant infestations become significant, they will overrun your home – destroying your HVAC system, wiring, and much more.

Professional Management of Fire Ants

Fire ants are not a problem you should try to handle on your own. DIY methods are largely ineffective, and implementing them is often dangerous. Allow professionals to address the issue safely and effectively.

Our strong granular bait appeals to fire ants as if it is food. In fact, it is an insect growth regulator. When the queen consumes her portion, she is sterilized, so the population ends as the living ants die. The bait has been approved for application around animals and pets and on all lands private and public.

Because these measures target reproduction, the entire process requires a life cycle for complete effectiveness.

The mobility of red imported fire ants means that you’ll need to have us come out and reapply treatment three times per year to keep your property up to 95% free of fire ants. Without this follow-up, the money-back guarantee doesn’t apply.

Call Fire Ant Control, LLC at (239) 312-8200, or follow this link, to schedule a service that works for controlling fire ants in Orlando. Our efforts are guaranteed, and our service is convenient and affordable.