Top Rated Fire Ant Extermination Services

The top-rated fire ant extermination services in Southwest Florida will protect your property affordably and conveniently. Choose Fire Ant Control, LLC, for a service that will not disappoint. A fire ant infestation will not improve without intervention, and we provide intervention measures that work.

Identify a Fire Ant Infestation

Top Rated Fire Ant Extermination ServicesHow do you know if you have a fire ant problem? If your property is untreated in Southwest Florida, it’s almost certain that you do. However, you can look around for signs. The earlier you can contain the population, the better. A smaller population is easier to treat, and the damage will also be lessened.

Fire ant control is difficult because the red imported fire ant hails from South America and has no natural competition in the US for resources and refuge.

Fire ant behavior can only be described as aggressive. They respond to slight threats with vicious and collective attacks. The fire ants have a venom, common only to them, that leads to a blister filled with pus. For a small percentage of people, the venom will cause an anaphylactic reaction that can cause death without fast medical intervention.

Control is essential if you have children, pets, or a family member with a known fire ant allergy. Most of the fire ant home is underground, unseen, and hidden, except for the mound. The mound is a small, loose hill of soil that serves as the place of entrance and egress for the fire ants and a source of temperature regulation for the colony. It’s also the only visual sign of fire ant activity, other than the few fire ants you may see as they hunt for food.

After a heavy rain, look around for these mounds. You may see them pop, indicating a significant fire ant presence. Consider these numbers:

  • Single queen colony – 7 million fire ants/acre
  • Multi queen colony – 40 million fire ants/acre.

Fire ants never stop building or expanding population numbers without intervention. The results of this expansion will mean destruction to your home’s slab, HVAC system, wiring, landscaping, and more. Take a proactive stance against fire ant injury and property damage by calling the Fire Ant Control, LLC team.

Protect from a Fire Ant Infestation

We serve ALL types of properties – single-family residences, apartment complexes, commercial properties, farms, ranches, pastures, schools, public parks, resorts, golf courses, and so on.

Failing to protect your property from fire ant infestation is tantamount to neglect. We offer an affordable and effective solution to keep your property virtually fire ant-free (up to 95%) for four months.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, uses strategic and approved measures for all property types, even around people and pets. We will spread the bait that we use to stop the queen from being able to reproduce in a manner that minimizes disruption to your daily life. The worker ants take the “food” to the queen; she eats it and becomes infertile, and the colony zeroes out within a life cycle.

For sustained property protection, we advise you to book treatment three times annually. Otherwise, our money-back guarantee will not apply.

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