What Are the Signs of a Fire Ant Infestation?

Have you seen a few fire ants and wondered what signs indicate a fire ant infestation? Three signs can signal a fire ant issue: scavenging fire ants, visible mounds following heavy rain, and actual attacks of family members, friends, or service providers on the property. Call Fire Ant Control, LLC, to get the situation under control before the last signal occurs.

What Are the Signs of a Fire Ant Infestation?Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides services that limit fire ant populations by as much as 95% for four-month periods. Responsible property owners in Southwest Florida should strongly consider scheduling our service three times yearly to maximize protection from fire ant infestations and the damage and injury they cause.

Know Your Enemy

Every battle should begin with an evaluation of the opponent. The same rule applies to defeating unwanted fire ants on your property. We have studied fire ants to devise a foolproof plan against them.

Fire ants nest almost anywhere but prefer warmth and sunny exposures. However, they will tunnel underneath logs and other yard debris, beneath your home’s foundation, and into your HVAC system. Most fire ant activity occurs below ground, with mounds being the only visible sign of them other than the ants themselves.

Each mound provides the colony below with an entrance and exit and solar temperature control for the fire ant’s home. Fire ants’ ability to inhabit a variety of environments allows them to survive despite extreme weather conditions.

Rainy conditions drive fire ants out of the colony, but it doesn’t destroy it. Fire ants prioritize the population rather than the individual, so they protect the queen at the expense of individual worker ants. The fire ants create a raft out of their bodies, surrounding the queen tightly, protecting her and her eggs as the fire ants float to higher ground. This survival instinct explains why you’ll see mounds spring up near elevated areas in the days following heavy rain.

Red imported fire ants are very mobile. Upon maturity, they fly to mate, and the female then becomes a queen and establishes a new colony. Fire ants also hitch rides in landscaping materials and on animals. Since fire ants can spread quickly, we ask that you schedule retreatment every four months for optimal results and for our money-back guarantee to kick in.

Controlling the population of fire ants on your property is paramount. Infestations will lead to property damage and injury to people and pets. Fire ant attacks are particularly problematic for a few reasons. Fire ants hold on with their jaws while stinging their victim and injecting a uniquely produced venom. Allergic reactions to fire ants are somewhat common, but anaphylaxis occurs in a tiny percentage of victims. Since fire ants typically operate in colonies, a single fire ant sting is rare; they usually attack as a group. Protect your property and family by partnering with Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Click here or call (239) 312-8200 if you see any signs of a fire ant infestation, and explore what services we at Fire Ant Control, LLC offer to protect your property and your peace of mind.