What Do Fire Ant Mounds Look Like?

Have you spotted ant mounds in your yard? Do you want to know what fire ant mounds look like so that you can rule them in or out? Worry not; Fire Ant Control, LLC, is available for your guidance and fire ant management services.

Fire Ants and the South

What do Fire Ant Mounds Look Like?The red imported fire ant has migrated throughout the southern US since its entrance to the country nearly a century ago. You can find them from the east to west coasts and as far north as Virginia. However, fire ants love the humidity and warmth of the South, especially Florida.

The sting of the red imported fire ant creates a distinct response in humans. The fire ant latches on with its mandible and injects its unique venom through its stinger. A single ant stings numerous times as it moves in a circle, stinging until it is physically removed, and fire ants generally attack in droves.

A fire ant mound may be 2’ across and ¾’ high, but larger fire ant mounds are not out of the question. The actual colony of fire ants, including the queen, eggs, and larvae, lie far below the mound in an underground network of tunnels and rooms. The mound serves as a solar temperature regulator, which accounts for fire ants’ ability to survive various temperatures and weather events.

One nest of fire ants may hold hundreds of thousands of fire ants, and the colony will include a queen or queens, female worker ants, reproductive winged male and female fire ants, larvae, pupae, and eggs. Worker ants perform all the duties required to keep the colony going while the queen lays eggs. She can actually live for years, while the rest of the ants have about a month to a month and a half to exist.

Red imported fire ants are an invasive species that was first introduced to the US almost a century ago. They have thrived because they reproduce quickly, respond to threats aggressively, and survive great weather extremes.

The difference between the red imported fire ant and regular fire ants can be difficult since the worker ants can range in size; however, red imported fire ants have a dark, red-brown body and a darker abdomen. We suggest not getting close enough to tell, but red imported fire ants have three center teeth, while regular fire ants have two.

Treatment for Fire Ants

If your property has fire ants, they need to be treated by Fire Ant Control, LLC. We offer an effective measure for managing the population, and in collaboration with our sister companies, we treat the quarantined area and up to 1,000 acres daily.

The fancy name for the red imported fire ant is Solenopsis invicta, and its sting burns, which explains its street name. A fire ant sting will become a pimple-like blister that stays for a week, and the reaction will become worse if the victim has an allergy. When stung, clean the area as soon as possible, and if you display signs of an allergy, take an oral antihistamine. If the reaction is severe, seek immediate medical attention.

We will prevent these instances with a process approved for use around people and animals. It provides up to 95% protection for four-month periods.

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