What Do Fire Ants Look Like?

When evaluating your property and wondering if you need to call Fire Ant Control, LLC, you might wonder what do fire ants look like. You can schedule a service for surefire fire ant population management with one call to us. 

Distinguishing Red Imported Fire Ants

What Do Fire Ants Look Like?Distinguishing features of red imported fire ants can be difficult but not impossible to identify visually. The body’s coloring is one of these features. Fire ant thoraxes are deep red, and their abdomens are black.

The mounds that they build are more easily distinguishable. While round like other ant mounds, fire ant mounds have a flat top and a wider diameter. 

The way that fire ants respond is much more indicative of their differences from other ant varieties. They’re much more aggressive than other ants. They will swarm out of the mound at the slightest perceived threat and attack anything nearby without warning. 

Fire ants will make dinner out of anything from plants in your garden to bugs, vulnerable animals, and even the food in your pantry. Fire ants can be incredibly destructive when searching for the massive amounts of food needed for the colony’s support. 

Damage from Red Imported Fire Ants

The damage done by red imported fire ants goes beyond what they do while hunting for food sources. The property damage expected from red imported fire ants can be pretty extensive, even corrupting the home’s structural integrity. As colonies expand or fire ants seek the warm and dry areas they love, fire ants may find their way underneath home foundations, concrete sidewalks, HVAC systems, and other machinery.

Residents of Southwest Florida, and the rest of the southeastern US, are likely all too familiar with the intense burning and stinging that accompany fire ant attacks. The unique venom creates a blister with a hard white center, which can cause an anaphylactic response that requires immediate medical treatment for a small portion of the population.

Control the Population to Minimize the Threat

Treatment measures used by Fire Ant Control, LLC, are the most effective strategy against fire ants of those currently available. The products that we use are approved for applications when people and animals are present, and they take just a single life cycle to produce full results. Our products and methods will provide 85% freedom from fire ants for four-month periods.

Your appointment will include our application of granular bait strategically on your property. When fire ants see the bait, they believe it to be food, so they gather it and carry it down to the queen for her sustenance.

By consuming this bait, the queen seals her fate and the fate of the rest of the colony. She’ll be sterilized, and the colony will dwindle to nothing as the fire ants die.

The granular bait we use has been zoned for all properties. Rely on us to treat private residential yards, apartment and condominium complexes, golf resorts, farms and ranches, commercial businesses, parks, schools, city property, and any other property, private or public.

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