What Is The Best Way To Treat Your Yard For Fire Ants?

As a homeowner, you may wonder what the best way to treat your yard for fire ants is, and the answer is Fire Ant Control, LLC. We’re also the best solution for treating any other type of property.

What Is The Best Way To Treat Your Yard For Fire Ants?Your yard ought to be a place of relaxation and fun, but none will be possible with a fire ant infestation. Whenever you, your family, or your guests come across an unexpected mound, an attack will result. Unfortunately, fire ants are notorious for painful attacks and expensive damage.

With treatment from Fire Ant Control, LLC, every four months, your property will be 85-95% free of fire ants, and your yard can once again be an area you enjoy.

Southwest Florida yards are heaven on Earth for fire ants. The climate is humid, with regular rain and sun; the spaces are open, and food and water are widely available. No property is immune from an invasion by the pests, either.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, is a company with an understanding of fire ant behavior. Our strategic measures attack the fire ant population in a way that will actually make a difference, from the inside, through the queen herself. We focus on stopping reproduction at the source.

Resolving Fire Ants with a Successful Solution

Fire Ant Control, LLC, treatment measures perform well on all properties. We can treat your home’s yard as easily as we can apartment complexes, agricultural properties, parks, and other public places. We use granular bait that is strong and zoned for use around people, animals, and vegetation, and no waiting period for re-entry is required. 

Residential Yards and Lawns

Fire ants love lawns, as you probably already know. Without treatment, the fire ants will grow their population and expand throughout your yard and into your home and its systems. When this invasion of your home happens, property damage will occur. Your HVAC system, concrete slab, electrical wiring, and more are all vulnerable to damage from red imported fire ants. 

The Fire Ant Control, LLC, measures won’t put your family or your pets in danger like chemicals and other ineffective measures will. 

Golf Resorts

Fire Ant Control, LLC, will protect the property and your golf game without disrupting or damaging the area. The fairway should be no place for fire ants. Keeping the ball on the green should be your biggest concern, not that you’re going to trigger an attack by vicious predators inadvertently. Fire ant populations also threaten irrigation, lighting, and electrical equipment.

School Grounds, Playgrounds, and Parks

Areas where children play should be a priority for fire ant treatment. Allergies among children may go unnoticed, and they’re far more likely to provoke fire ants without knowing to be aware. 

Our service is supported with a money-back guarantee as long as you follow through with service every four months. Fire ants move to establish new colonies, seek food, escape flooding, and more, so you can expect a population resurgence without regular intervention.

Click here or call (239) 312-8200 to book Fire Ant Control, LLC, for a free estimate, initial treatment, or follow-up service. We offer the best way to treat your yard, golf course, playground, or other property for fire ants. We cut the population off at its source: reproduction.