What Is the Most Effective Way to Control Fire Ants?

The most effective way to control fire ants is what we offer at Fire Ant Control, LLC. The exterior of your property can be 95% free of aggressive and damaging fire ants with service from our company three times per year.

What Is the Most Effective Way to Control Fire Ants?The techniques and product used by Fire Ant Control, LLC effectively manage fire ants without using dangerous and expensive chemicals. Our technicians strategically place the bait, and when fire ants discover it, they carry it to the queen.

Being an insect growth regulator, this bait stops the queen from laying eggs, halting reproduction. As living ants die, the population is reduced by 85-95%. This process does need to be repeated every four months because fire ants are mobile creatures.

Approved for use around people and animals, the bait we employ doesn’t require a wait time for re-entry and can be applied to public and private properties.

An Area Overrun

The Florida climate is the perfect environment for red imported fire ants. They love the warmth, humidity, sun, and ample food supply provided by the area. Unfortunately, this ideal setting means that the fire ants will continuously grow in population and inevitably destroy wiring, A/C systems, home foundations, and more.

If you’re looking around for evidence of a fire ant infestation, the signs above ground are few. Look around after a heavy rain to spy any new mounds popping up around elevated areas.

The mound is the colony’s exit, entrance, and heating/cooling mechanism. Still, treatments that target the mound are ineffective because they ignore the mass of the population that is unseen underground.

Response to Fire Ant Attack

When fire ants attack, they bite and sting, injecting a unique venom that only red imported fire ants carry. The venom causes pain, and a blister with a hard, white center will linger for about a week. Wash the area with soap and water or an alcohol pad as quickly as possible to lessen the pain, and be sure to monitor for an allergic reaction. A few people can respond with anaphylaxis to an attack by red imported fire ants.

Protect your pets, children, livestock, and vegetation by controlling the fire ant population on your property with the help of our process.

Management of Red Imported Fire Ant Populations

The best practices followed by Fire Ant Control, LLC focus on targeting reproduction by targeting the queen. We eliminate her ability to reproduce, causing the population to die out as the living ants expire. We accomplish our goals without using dangerous chemicals like those purchased at big box stores or found in the back of a landscaper’s truck.

We support our service with a money-back guarantee. As long as you schedule your service every four months, your property will remain 85-95% free of fire ants, or we will return the fee you paid. If you procrastinate and fail to reschedule service every four months, the results will be a returned fire ant infestation. The environment and ubiquitous nature of the pest promise this result.

Stop worrying about the consequences of fire ants and wondering what is the most effective way to control them! Schedule your service with Fire Ant Control, LLC by calling (239) 312-8200 or contacting us online.