Will Fire Ants Hurt Horses?

Do you have horses under your care and worry that fire ants will hurt them? Protect your animals from these harmful pests by booking a treatment from Fire Ant Control, LLC. We serve agricultural properties as well as public, residential, and commercial properties.

Will Fire Ants Hurt Horses?Fire Ant Control, LLC, operates alongside our sister companies to ensure treatment availability for the quarantined area of the US, the Southeastern states. Our treatments make living with fire ants unnecessary.

Fire Ants and Horses Don’t Mix Well

A fire ant pasture with single-queen colonies may have upwards of 7 million fire ants per acre, while one with multiple queens may have more than 40 million fire ants.

Fire ant queens can lay 1,200 eggs daily. The warmth of electricity, feed, and water draw fire ants, so you’ll find them in various places throughout a horse pasture.

Horses are vulnerable to fire ant attacks when they come too near a mound in the pasture, when fire ants invade feed stores, water troughs, or hay bales, and when horses are secured within stalls with fire ants present. A fire ant attack may require a house call from the veterinarian for antihistamines and pain medications, particularly if the fire ant bites and stings are numerous.

Issues that can arise from fire ant attacks include the loss of an unborn colt, problems breathing, and hoof damage. Newborn colts, the sick, and the elderly horses among your stock can die or need to be put down following a fire ant interaction.

The Solution to This Problem Is to Call Fire Ant Control, LLC

Fire Ant Control, LLC understands that the most effective way to resolve the problem of fire ants is to halt their reproduction. Reproducing wildly is the secret to the long life of fire ants and the fact that they’re not native to the US and lack natural competition for resources. Without intervention, red imported fire ants will flourish, and with a larger population comes a greater probability of attack.

The granular bait we use at Fire Ant Control, LLC, addresses reproduction at its source, the queen. If queens can’t deposit eggs, the colony will cease. Scavenging fire ants find the granular bait that we carefully spread, and they carry it down into the colony for the queen’s nourishment, not realizing that they seal their own doom.

When the queen ingests the bait, she becomes infertile, so the colony zeroes out as the living ants expire. With reapplication every four months, the property will remain that way. By the end of a single life cycle, the property’s population will be reduced by a minimum of 85%.

As a comprehensively licensed and insured pest management company, Fire Ant Control, LLC, utilizes a regulated and approved granular bait that is zoned for all property categories, with no wait time for re-entry and no prohibitions against the use around animals, people, or crops.

Thrice yearly fire ant management from Fire Ant Control, LLC, will stop any resurgence of fire ant populations before a new colony has time to establish itself.

Fire ants will hurt horses if they’re allowed to set up shop in your pasture or barn. Schedule treatment today by calling Fire Ant Control, LLC, at (239) 312-8200 or following this link.