Protecting Livestock from Fire Ants

If you raise livestock, protecting your animals from fire ants must be a top consideration. Red imported fire ants can do significant harm to creatures of all sorts, particularly if they’re confined within a pen. Fire Ant Control, LLC, can provide a workable solution for an annoying, and potentially dangerous, problem.

The Dangers of Red Imported Fire Ants

Protecting Livestock from Fire AntsRed imported fire ants climb upward and sting in unison, so a single bite or sting is a rare occurrence. More often, multiple ants bite and sting at once, and the venom creates quite a bit of pain and medical problems like asphyxia and even death for small animals or people with allergic responses. The most vulnerable to this danger are also the youngest.

If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of stepping near a group of fire ants or sticking your hands into infested hay, you know the pain and appearance of the large bites and stings with a white pustule center. These bites are painful, and when they occur, little can be done. If you see signs of an allergic reaction, the victim should seek medical attention quickly.

Penned animals are unable to escape the onslaught of aggressive red imported fire ants. Livestock and those who care for the animals can fall victim to ants nested within the confines of the pen, wet hay, or near the moisture of recent birth or hatching.

Fire ants in pastures can also impact horse operations. Mounds cause horses to fall and riders to take bad spills. Large mounds can damage pickup trucks, ATVs and hay equipment. Animal feed also creates a significant problem with red imported fire ants.

The Fire Ant Control, LLC Solution

The granular bait used by Fire Ant Control LLC manages the population of fire ant colonies by targeting reproduction. The bait is taken into the colony to the queen. It sterilizes her, so no new ants hatch. As living ants die, the population is neutralized. However, it’s critical that the treatments continue every four months to maintain control of fire ant numbers because they travel and will repopulate the area if allowed.

With service by Fire Ant Control, LLC, three times per year, the area will remain 90-99% free of fire ants. Keep fire ants away from your animals, their feed, and their habitat with our treatment methods. We can treat your property at any time of year. You need not wait for a specific season to address your fire ant situation.

Alternative methods that treat only the mounds are ineffective, expensive, and ultimately, a waste.

Our products are approved for use around your livestock with no re-entry interval, so you don’t have to worry that the cure is worse than the disease! With the right product and sufficient time for it to work, your property can be 85-95% free of ants within just a few days. Instead of wasting time treating and retreating mounds as they sprout up like whack-a-mole targets, address the problem right the first time by using our services here at Fire Ant Control, LLC.

When you live in the southern US, protecting livestock from fire ants must be a concern. Fire Ant Control, LLC provides an affordable method that works to rid your property of up to 95% of the ants when used consistently. For a scheduled treatment or consultation, call us today: (239) 312-8200!