Sanibel Fire Ant Treatment

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The FDA has estimated that $5 billion is spent each year in the U.S. on fire ant related expenses like medical treatment, property damage and control. According to New Scientist, these pests also cause around $750 million in damage to agricultural assets annually, including veterinarian bills, crop loss, and livestock loss.

Don’t fall victim to gimmicks and do-it-yourself remedies that waste your time and money.

Fire Ant Control guarantees a safe, proven method for Fire Ant control. Fire ants are dangerous, fast growing pests that if left untreated, can take over your Sanibel property!

They pose a risk to people, pets, and livestock, and they make it difficult to maneuver around places they’ve laid claim to.

Whether you’re looking to rid your home, park, field, or garden of these stubborn guests, we keep it simple and stress free from start to finish.

People are killed each year by fire ants!

What makes these ants so dangerous are their poisonous bites and aggressive behavior. Unlike other ants that will scramble to hide from intruders, the initial instinct of a fire ant is to attack to protect their nest. They attack in swarms, crawling up vertical surfaces like legs and trees, biting and stinging as many times as they can.

A nest can grow their colony up to 20 million inhabitants!

Since they attack together, it’s easy to see why they can easily overpower children, pets, and other small animals. Enough of these bites can even be fatal if the victim goes into anaphylactic shock.

Each year, anywhere from 30 to 60 percent of people residing in fire ant infested areas are victims to fire ant stings.

I got stung! What do I do?

If stung, immediately apply Aloe Vera.

Antihistamines can help with itching and inflammation as well.

If you or someone you know is experiencing nausea, severe sweating, severe chest pain, loss of breath, or slurred speech after being stung, they are likely experiencing an allergic reaction and are in danger of anaphylaxis.

Seek medical treatment immediately!

Fire ants nests are not always obvious.

A predictable location for fire ants is moist soil. They tend to nest close to a steady water source. If you have a regularly watered lawn or garden, live near a pond or stream, or your property is next to a highway, chances are they’ll be lurking nearby.

The tricky part is they like to nest underneath objects. Since their nests are more flat than conical, they will hide under tree trunks, logs, rocks, bricks, and other hard-to-reach places, swarming over the entire nest and surrounding area.

Our licensed professionals can safely identify the ants on your property.

If you’re aware of an ant infestation, don’t attempt to touch them yourself. You could be putting yourself at risk, and in harm’s way!

Worse, you could miscalculate where the nest is and accidentally trod on the true nest location.

Save yourself the danger of a fire ant attack, and call Sanibel’s trusted fire ant treatment service at (239) 312-8200.

You’ll be relieved you did!