What Kills Fire Ant Mounds?

Are excessive fire ant mounds on your property getting to you? What kills them and the fire ants that live beneath them? Fire Ant Control, LLC, headquartered in Bokeelia, Florida, has the answer!

What Kills Fire Ant Mounds?

Fire Ant Control provides the most effective and affordable fire ant solution for homeowners and businesses throughout Southwest Florida and anywhere else our services are needed. From small residential lots to properties with thousands of acres, our guaranteed service is the most effective and affordable solution.

Fire Ant Colonies

The telltale signs of fire ant colonies are round, flattened mounds of loose soil. The mounds resemble worked soil. They are generally oval-shaped, about 10-inches tall, as wide as a dinner plate, and have no visible openings.

The fire ants that live inside are master architects; they build and live in a vast network of interconnected subterranean tunnels that extend outward and downward from these central mounds.

If single-queen colonies have invaded your property, there are probably 40 to 150 mounds and about 7 million red fire ants per acre. If you have multiple-queen colonies, there may be 200 or more mounds and up to 40 million red fire ants per acre!

Can the Mounds Be Treated?

Fire ant mounds can be treated with liquid insecticide products as well as chemical dusts and granules. These synthetic chemicals may be successful at killing some of the ants, but the results are only temporary. They will not eliminate the colony, and the chemicals can be toxic to people, pets and livestock.

Treating individual fire ant mounds can be expensive, requires time and effort to find all the mounds, and smaller mounds can be easily overlooked. Thanks to the number of mounds in a vibrant colony and the elaborate system of tunnels, it is virtually impossible to eliminate fire ants from your property by spraying the mounds with insecticide.

Call the Professionals!

Fire Ant Control, LLC is the best fire ant killer around! The bait we use contains an insect growth regulator that sterilizes the queen and is approved for use around people, pets and livestock.

Careful application of our potent, food-like granular bait kills the ant colonies from the inside out. Worker ants ingest the bait and carry it down into the colony, causing the fire ants to die naturally.  Extermination is not instantaneous but, once the queen has been sterilized, the entire colony will disappear, and no new ants will be born.

Our bait has no re-entry interval, which means that you, your family, your pets and other animals can walk anywhere on the property immediately after treatment has been applied.

Learn more about what kills fire ants and their mounds by giving Fire Ant Control a call at (239) 312-8200 for a free estimate. We guarantee that our fully licensed and insured service will help rid 85-95% of the fire ants from your residential, commercial or agricultural property for four months at a time, or your money back. Schedule your first treatment today!