Fire Ant Control Agriculture

From small residential lots, to commercial property, to thousands of agriculture acres, fire ants will no longer be an issue with guaranteed service from Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Fire Ant Control AgricultureInstead of attempting to rid your farm or pasture of fire ants on your own, take advantage of our livestock- and plant-friendly fire ant killer treatments. Our treatment is superior to sprays and insecticides that kill only surface ants, are sometimes dangerous, and are very expensive.

How Fire Ants Harm Your Crops & Trees

Fire ants can cause girdling and allow roots to be exposed to the air, thus drying out root systems. They can kill crops and trees. They tunnel into the base of young plant stalks and into potato tubers. They collect plant seeds and then scatter them around their mounds, affecting plant distribution and abundance.

Fire ants eat:

  • Young saplings and seedlings
  • Germinating seeds of plants, wildflowers and grasses
  • Developing okra
  • Citrus fruit
  • Earthworms

Fire ants also compete with and kill native beneficial organisms. They reduce local, native ant populations by as much as 90% and interfere with their spreading of seeds. They attack and kill bees, interfering with the pollination of flowers.

How Fire Ants Harm Your Livestock & Workers

Fire Ants have a major impact on farming activities, from workers in the fields to vulnerable livestock.

They pose a significant threat to very young animals, to caged and penned animals, to newborns if they lie down or are born on or near a mound, to weak animals that suffer from wounds or open sores, and those that are old and unable to move out of harm’s way.

The frequency of calf and cow injuries and deaths often increases during hot summer months when the fire ants are starved for moisture and food. If birthing is scheduled to occur at this time of year, placing the livestock in a designated pasture that has been treated with our effective bait will help.

Fire ants can also cause extensive damage to haying operations, cement slabs, and electrical wires and equipment. And the mounds themselves can damage pickups and ATVs and cause horses to fall and riders to take bad spills.

Fix Your Fire Ant Problem Now

Fire Ant Control, LLC’s potent, food-like granular bait contains an insect growth regulator that sterilizes the queen and is approved for use around people, pets, livestock, and on pastures, hay fields and farmland. We are capable of treating up to 1,000 acres per day.

Unlike other topical treatments, our granular bait goes straight to the source. Worker ants eat the bait and carry it down into the colony, causing the fire ants to die naturally.  Once the queen has been sterilized, the entire colony will disappear, and no new ants will be born.

Because fire ants fly, they will eventually move back in. With two treatments a year, however, your property can be 85% to 95% free of fire ants for four months at a time.

Get in touch with Fire Ant Control, LLC to learn more about fire ants and agriculture. Our effective, affordable solution will ensure that your property is safer for your crops and livestock. Give us a call at (239) 312-8200 for a free estimate on our fully licensed and insured services.