Agricultural Fire Ant Control

Fire Ant Control For AgricultureFire ant treatment for agriculture is provided by Fire Ant Control, LLC.

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Fire ant control is of utmost importance in agriculture.

Fire ants aka imported fire ants are harmful to plants in many ways.

They can cause girdling and kill plants and trees. They tunnel into the base of young plant stalks and into potato tubers. Fire ants collect plant seeds. Then they scatter them around their mounds affecting plant distribution and abundance.

Fire ants eat:

  • Young saplings and seedlings
  • Germinating seeds of plants, wildflowers and grasses
  • Developing okra
  • Citrus fruit
  • Earthworms

Fire ants compete with and kill native beneficial organisms.

Beneficial, mutualistic ants help plants by spreading seeds. Local, native ant populations can be reduced by as much as 90%. Fire ants not only kill these native ants, they eat the seeds. Fire ants attack and kill bees. They also interfere with the pollination of flowers.

Fire ants can sting human workers in the fields. They can injure and even kill farm animals. Fire ant mounds can damage mowing and combine machinery. They are attracted to electrical equipment, causing damage to machinery, irrigation and transformer boxes.

QuarantineYou never want to see a quarantine tag if you own or operate a nursery.

Most of the southern United States is under Imported Fire Ants quarantine.

The USDA requires all nursery stock to have an “ant stamp” when agricultural material is traveling out of state. Nurseries must document and prove treatment for fire ants. Inspectors will investigate for any evidence of fire ants. That’s when you want effective, fail-safe fire ant treatment. Fire Ant Control, LLC is the best fire ant killer around. We guarantee it.