It’s no secret that fire ants like to call Florida home. And unlike small residential properties, when you have acreage, it’s more likely that many colonies are going to set up shop on your property. So, what is the best fire ant killer for properties with acreage in Florida?

The answer is simple. It’s a granular bait system used by Fire Ant Control LLC.

How It Works

Best Fire Ant Killer for Florida AcreageKilling a fire ant colony is not as easy as spraying a magic chemical on the ants that you see and watching them all instantly die and disappear.

No; red imported fire ants are very smart. So smart, in fact, that they build mounds with no clear entrances or exits. They create a complex tunnel system under the mound where they can retreat and come and go undetected. What this means for you is that they can be a hard pest to get rid of. Treating only the visible ants will do very little to eliminate them.

In order to completely wipe out a colony, it is essential that you sterilize the queen. The queen is the sole reproducer and without her adding to the colony, it will die out.

The granular bait is taken by the worker fire ants and delivered directly to the queen. It sterilizes and eventually kills her, and also kills any additional queens associated with the colony. Thus, the colony eventually disappears.

Why It’s So Important for Florida Acreage

Using the granular bait system developed by Fire Ant Control LLC is especially important on large properties in Florida.

In a smaller residential setting, once you wipe out the colony, you can easily keep it at bay with treatments every four months, while being able to keep a good watchful eye.

On large properties, it is impossible to constantly be surveying for new fire ant colonies that may pop up. You could have a large fire ant problem and not even know it until you or one of your animals ventures out and encounters them.

Using our bait system means that every fire ant is bringing that bait back to the queen, not just the ants from one colony. Without knowing it, you may be killing multiple colonies with one treatment. And the best part is, if a new colony tries to settle down on your treated land, they will die off before they even get started.

How Often to Treat

One of the most commonly asked questions is how often you should treat your property. It is best to treat it every four months. Bait only lasts so long, and you want to always stay on top of something that could quickly become an issue.

Any large property in Florida is an ideal home for fire ants. This includes places like farms, athletic fields, and golf courses. Keeping these properties fire ant free is essential.

What Are You Waiting for?

If your acreage in Florida is inundated with fire ants, call Fire Ant Control LLC today for the best fire ant killer. We are fully licensed and insured and guarantee to eliminate 95% of your fire ant problems on the first visit.  To take advantage of our competitively low prices and get a free estimate, simply call 239-312-8200 and let us help you rid your land of these pests.