Golf Course Fire Ant Control

Golf Course Imported Red Fire AntsThe only traps you should think  about while golfing are the sand traps not ant traps.

Golf course fire ant control makes for happy golfers. Happy golfers are returning golfers.

Get your greens and fairways up to 99% free of fire ants.

Don’t let fire ants mess up your day. With Fire Ant Control you will have the best fire ant treatment and excellent fire ant control.

We provide your fire ant treatment once every 4 months to guarantee turf that is 85-95% free of fire ants.

Golf courses are like heaven to fire ants.

The ideal conditions of golf courses are irresistible to fire ants. They love all that rich, moist soil in open sunny expanses. The same beautiful expanse of turf that entices the golfer is heaven to fire ants.

Hundreds of thousands of fire ants can live in a single mound.

Golfers and spectators are in imminent danger of being stung by fire ants. Whether standing for a shot or reaching for a ball, hundreds of fire ants can sting in seconds. This can really mess up a golfer’s day. There are even USGA rules to protect golfers from the threat of fire ants.

Keep your golfers happy and coming back.

Once bitten, no golfer will want to return to the site of an unhappy experience.

Keep your golfers safe and happy by providing a course that’s 85-95% free of fire ants. Common sprays and other insecticides used in an attempt to control fire ants are not effective long term. The fire ants will be back, usually stronger than ever. What you want is an effective, long lasting fire ant killer.

Our service is guaranteed.

Our fire ant treatment is guaranteed to help get rid of fire ants and remain effective for 4 months at a time. The bait we use contains an insect growth regulator to sterilize the queen and is approved for use on golf courses.

Fire Ant Control is the smart choice.

  • We are fully licensed and insured.
  • Our estimates are free.
  • Our prices are competitively low.