Red imported fire ants pose a significant risk to horse pastures. Their sting is powerful and can cause painful welts to the horse’s legs and even cause death to newborn foals. With this kind of risk, it’s essential to know where to find the best fire ant killer for horse pastures.

Fire Ant Control, LLC has been treating red imported fire ants in Florida since 2013 and know the importance of getting rid of them on a horse farm as fast and as effectively as possible.

Danger to Horses

Best Fire Ant Killer for Horse PasturesRed imported fire ants are a dangerous, infesting species that affect horses much like they do people. While healthy horses who get stung while walking or running around may suffer a painful sting, animals that are unhealthy and newborn animals may not fare as well. When these animals lie down, they risk attracting fire ants. The repetitive, aggressive stings from the ants can cause a foal’s death.

Unlike humans, horses cannot rid themselves of fire ants quickly and often require human intervention to remove the ants. The extended exposure to the horse leads to repeated stings and welts. The real danger to a healthy horse is when a painful but seemingly harmless pustule becomes infected. The infection can spread through the horse’s body and cause the horse to become lame or worse. It can kill an already medically fragile animal.

That, coupled with the fact that fire ants usually swarm when they sting, can mean big problems on a horse farm.

The Solution

The solution to combatting red imported fire ants on horse pastures is good extermination. In large areas like a farm, there are more likely to be multiple colonies living on the property. So, what is the best way to get rid of them?

Fire Ant Control, LLC uses a granular bait that the ants eat and carry back to their mound to feed their queen(s). Once the queen eats the bait, she becomes sterile. Since the queen is solely responsible for the colony’s growth, sterilizing her means that the colony will eventually die off.

The Guarantee

Fire Ant Control LLC is so confident that we can help you get rid of your fire ant problem that we offer a 95% guarantee that the ants will be eliminated for up to four months after treatment. The biggest takeaway here is to have continued treatments every four months, even if you aren’t seeing much red fire ant activity.

Once a fire ant establishes an excellent place to make a home, they invite their friends. This means you could have multiple colonies living on your property at one time. Our bait will take care of numerous colonies and ensure that you aren’t going to have a continued fire ant problem.

If you are worried about red imported fire ants invading your horse pasture, call Fire Ant Control LLC at (239) 312-8200 for your free estimate on the best fire ant killer for horse pastures. Start treating your farm today!