When you have wide open spaces and large areas of land in Florida, the chances are good that you also have fire ants, even if you don’t know it! Fire ants are as common in Florida as alligators are. They’re just not as easy to see. The best defense is to take advantage of the best fire ant killer around – the granular bait system used by fire ant specialist Fire Ant Control LLC, a Florida family-owned company that is dedicated to getting rid of the worst kind of fire ant – the red imported fire ant.

Not Just on Open Land

Best Fire Ant Killer for Large AreasFire ants usually make themselves known when someone accidentally steps on their mound. Ants aggressively swarm to “attack” this person with painful stings that are reminiscent of hot coals searing your skin.

While most fire ant stings result in only pain and red pustules, some people and pets can have allergic reactions to these stings and end up in anaphylactic shock, which can lead to death in some cases.

What makes these red imported fire ants even more difficult is they don’t just take up residency on open land. They settle in wherever they see fit, and sometimes it’s in a very inconvenient place, like in the middle of a golf course.

Fire ants can cause a world of hurt to unsuspecting golfers and spectators. Whether standing for a shot or reaching for a ball, hundreds of ants can swarm out of a disturbed mound and sting in seconds.

Athletic and sports fields are another area of concern. Fire ant infestations are dangerous. Although students, teachers and coaches are the most likely to encounter them, they can also nest in wall voids and rafters and cause short circuits in air conditioning, lighting and other mechanical equipment.

Why risk serious threats to personal and public safety or potential liability for injuries when Fire Ant Control, LLC can help?

How They Are Treated

Fire ants live in colonies with hundreds of thousands of fellow ants. They all report to the queen, the sole reproducer and ruler of the colony. The key to getting rid of the fire ants is getting rid of the queen and stopping the growth of the colony.

Fire Ant Control LLC uses a regulated granular bait that, once delivered to the queen, sterilizes her and eventually kills her. This immediately stops the growth of the colony, and the colony will eventually completely die out. This bait also helps prevent new colonies from moving onto the property.

There is a no-reentry interval with the treatment, meaning that humans and animals can walk on the treated areas immediately. This is especially important when treating places like the greens of a golf course, where you don’t want to slow business by having to vacate the area for a certain amount of time.

Getting rid of red imported fire ants is not easy and is definitely not an overnight job, but Fire Ant Control LLC is so confident that we can rid 85-95% of your fire ants in a single treatment that we stand behind our product with a money-back guarantee.

Get Back to Living

Fire Ant Control LLC offers the best fire ant killer for large areas. If you are experiencing signs of fire ant infestations or simply need to protect your property or business from a possible infestation, call Fire Ant Control LLC today at 239-312-8200. Let us help get you back to life without fire ants.