When you think about fire ants, the first things that come to mind are their painful sting and swarming ability. Their sting is extremely painful and, more often than not, they will swarm and sting multiple times. Fire ants on a farm is an entirely different story. It is no longer about the pain and much more about destroying crops. Finding a proven fire ant killer for farms in Florida is essential.

Fire Ant Killer for Farms in FloridaAre you worried about the survival of your crops, the ability to import and export crops across state lines, and your machinery’s condition due to red imported fire ants? If so, you need the help of Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Destructive Fire Ants

Fire ants are so much more destructive than one may initially think. Under the mounds where they live is an intricate tunnel system, allowing the ants to move around freely. In a farm environment, these tunnels go directly through the roots and crops. The ants tunnel up through the crops and collect the seeds. They also replant them unintentionally, which can really mess up a farm system if you have many different plants unintentionally planted together.

The worst-case scenario is that your plants don’t thrive and produce crops, affecting their abundance. Additionally, fire ants eat seeds and seedlings, citrus fruits, and germinating plants.

They are also killers. They can attack and kill bees, which affects pollination. They also attack and eliminate other native species of ants that are helpful to the growth of the farm.

While residential fire ant mounds are small, undisturbed fire ant mounds on a farm can grow to be a few feet in height. This can affect and destroy farming equipment, affecting the farm both financially and operationally.

Fire ants can also injure and even kill animals if they sting them too many times. Even healthy animals can suffer from an attack and develop an infection on their legs, rendering them lame or even killing them.

How to Treat Them

Fire Ant Control, LLC can help you manage your fire ant problem with our granular bait system. Fire ants rely on their queen to reproduce ants to keep the colony alive. Some colonies may even have more than one queen, leading to hundreds of thousands of colony ants. The bait is carried to the queen, causing sterilization. This sterilization ensures that the colony will eventually die out.

By treating the farm every four months, new fire ants will be unable to establish a new colony. Fire Ant Control, LLC can treat farms with one acre or thousands of acres with a 95% guarantee that we can eliminate your red imported fire ant problem.


Did you know that the USDA requires all nursery stock to have an official ant stamp before the plant is shipped off to another state? This is to make sure the fire ant population does not spread beyond the states they already occupy.

If you are in the market for fire ant protection and a proven fire ant killer system for Florida farms, call Fire Ant Control, LLC today at (239) 312-8200 to schedule your no-cost consultation. You’ll be on your way to freedom from fire ants.