Playing outside is a popular activity for most people, whether it be gardening, mowing the grass, or running around with the kids. The Florida climate is perfect for hot days outside. But something that lurks in the grass in most parts of Florida can easily ruin those moments for you. Fire Ants. That’s why whole yard fire ant treatment from Fire Ant Control, LLC is so important.

Whole Yard Fire Ant TreatmentNo one wants to be frolicking around outside only to suddenly feel a terrible burning sensation on their legs, or to be mowing the yard only to encounter a fire ant mound that sends ants scattering up your legs, stinging you as they climb.

Your yard should be a fun, safe place to enjoy yourself and take a break from the chores that come with everyday life. It’s time to take action against fire ants.

How To Exterminate

If you are seeing signs of fire ants, or if you are simply being proactive to avoid potential infestations, treating your whole yard can be beneficial in keeping the red imported fire ant off your lawn.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, a leading choice for fire ant control, can help you rid your yard of these pests with our controlled granular bait. Placing this bait around your yard provides the ultimate protection.

The bait is designed to be carried into the mound and delivered to the queen. It sterilizes her and eventually kills her. Since she is the sole reproducer of the colony, the colony will eventually die off, and you will be rid of your fire ants. The bait also protects against other fire ant colonies trying to move in.

Is it Safe?

While most people are used to treating pests with harmful chemicals that take a while to settle down before you can access the area, our treatments are immediately safe for children and pets. Anyone can walk on the area after the property has been treated.

Our bait is good for up to four months at a time. Another treatment at four months ensures that the ants don’t return. Fire ants are just like weeds. If they are not tended to, they come right back. Once they find a place they like, they will do whatever they can to stay there.

Fire Ant Control LLC is so confident in our product that we guarantee it will take care of 85% -95% of your fire ant problems for four months or your money back.

About Us

Fire Ant Control, LLC is a family owned business headquartered in Bokeelia, Florida and offers services throughout central and southern Florida. We treat Red Imported Fire Ants, the worst kind of fire ant to have to deal with. We are fully insured and licensed to take care of your fire ant extermination needs. Our bait is regulated and approved for use on private property and commercial land.

If you think you may have fire ants, you are probably right. The time for whole yard fire ant treatment is now so that you can once again enjoy the great outdoors. Call Fire Ant Control LLC today at 239-312-8200 for your free consultation, and let’s get started reclaiming your yard!