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Homes Residential Communities Fire AntAt Fire Ant Control our home fire ant treatment will help rid your yard of fire ants.

We live in Florida—who doesn’t have fire ants?

If you suspect you have fire ants, you probably do. South Florida is particularly prone to year-round fire ant infestations. Our warm, moist weather and abundant wildlife population offer fire ants happy, busy lives.

What’s good for us is good for the ants.

In a tropical climate with frequent nourishing rainfall, fire ants are free to mate 4 or more times per year. Often mistaken for termites, fire ants fly (yes they can have wings) when mating. The fertilized queens fly in search of land for their new colonies. Without effective, continual fire ant treatment, your yard is a tropical oasis to the young fire ant queen.

What do fire ants look like?

If you’re new to the south and lucky enough not to have been bitten (yet) by fire ants, here’s what you need to know. Fire ants live in colonies in the ground, under logs, within tree roots, in walls, in electrical boxes, and just about anywhere they can gather moist soil. Fire ants vary in size even within a mound and usually have a red body with a black abdomen (butt).

How to tell fire ants from pyramid ants.

Beneficial ants, such as pyramid ants, are good to have around.

Pyramid ants resemble fire ants in appearance with red bodies and black abdomens. Their pyramid, funnel-like mounds can resemble small fire ant mounds. The best way to tell if what you’re looking at is a pyramid ant mound or a fire ant mound is to stomp or blow near the opening. Fire ants are aggressive and will readily attack. Pyramid ants will run and hide.

Fire ants bite and sting.

Without a reliable fire ant killer, you are at risk of being attacked. Whether gardening or pruning, mowing or sweeping outdoors, you can be swarmed by fire ants. Your yard should be a fun, lovely place free of fire ant infestations. You should never have to worry that your children, your grandchildren or pets will be attacked by fire ants.

Our service is guaranteed.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by using our professional fire ant service. We use a specially designed four-wheeler with modified tires that will not damage your delicate lawn. We treat delicate or hard to reach areas by hand.

Our fire ant treatment will last for 4 months.

Our treatment is guaranteed to help control infestations for 4 months. If you find a fire ant infestation within that time, give us a call. We will take care of the problem ASAP. We stand behind our product and our service with a money-back guarantee.