Labelle Fire Ant Treatment

Labelle Fire Ant Treatment services are available from Pine Island, Florida-based Fire Ant Control. Our service is fast and effective, and designed to keep your friends, family, and pets as safe as possible from these harmful, destructive creatures.

Discovering a Fire Ant mound on your property is a situation that requires immediate, expert attention from a specialist.

So how do you know if you have Fire Ants?

  • Fire ant mounds do not have openings at the top center like most other Ant mounds. Instead, they enter and leave the mound through the sides and various underground tunnels. Fire Ant mounds almost look like someone dumped a shovel full of dirt on the ground and flattened it out. Most other Ant mounds are raised off the ground into a distinct cone or pyramid shape, almost like a small volcano.
  • When you disturb a Fire Ant mound, Fire Ants will immediately swarm out of the mound and travel vertically up whatever is disturbing them, whether it’s a stick, or your leg! (Most native ants will not crawl up objects, and certainly not with such speed and aggression.) Fire Ants are extremely territorial and highly organized. They often work together to attack whatever threatens or disturbs them.
  • Another tell-tale sign of Red Imported Fire Ants is the burning sensation of their sting, and the rapid development of a fluid-filled blister at the site of the sting. Fire Ants sting and bite, and trust us… It really, really hurts! Those who wander too close to a nest often suffer numerous stings from multiple Ants in just a matter of seconds.

The FDA estimates that more than $5 billion is spent annually on medical treatment, damage, and control of invasive Red Imported Fire Ants.

Furthermore, the ants cause approximately $750 million in damage to agricultural assets, including vet bills and livestock loss as well as crop loss.

The experts at Fire Ant Control can help you identify and address any Fire Ant infestation, from residential yards to multi-acre agricultural farms, commercial properties, golf courses, and parks.

We can’t say we will eliminate 100% of your Fire Ants, because Fire Ants can fly and often relocate from adjacent properties. But thanks to our high-quality, effective bait and cutting-edge spreading techniques, we can eliminate the majority of Fire Ants and get rid of your fire ant infestation.

The best part? We treat just three times yearly (about every four months) as compared to other extermination and pest control services that treat every month or even every week!

Our treatment is fast and efficient, and takes effect very quickly once our bait is spread. Fire Ants carry the bait back into their nests and deliver it to the queens. Our bait doesn’t eliminate or kill all the ants at once, it is designed to let the worker live long enough to take the bait to the queen.  The bait then sterilizes the queens.

Ants have a very short lifespan, and so once the queens can’t reproduce, the colony quickly dies off.

Schedule your Labelle Fire Ant Treatment today by calling 239-312-8200. The experts at Fire Ant Control are excited to treat your residential, commercial, and agricultural properties!