Pete Rials

About Pete

Pete was born in Virginia but raised in Tampa. He spent 6 years in the United States Marine Corps during which time he met and married Lora. With more than 2 decades in the agriculture and landscape business Pete has experienced the importance of keeping fire ants gone. With the guidance of a longtime business associate and friend, he and Lora created a sister company to treat property for fire ants. Fire Ant Control LLC was officially opened on November 2013. When not growing trees or killing ants, Pete enjoys spending time doing anything outside.

As the owner of a ten acre tree grove and manager of hundreds of acres of palms and bamboo, Pete learned early on the danger of fire ants. Fire ants can quickly infest untreated containers of seed, mulch, dirt and baby plants. He saw the injury fire ant bites caused his employees and suffered many bites himself. Luckily it is his close friends who introduced Pete to the business of killing fire ants. As a growing need to protect people, plants and livestock against vicious and deadly fire ant bites, Pete and Lora decided to help expand fire ant treatment to reach as many customers as possible. Pete loves “taking care of people” and keeping fire ants gone.