Parks And Recreation

Parks and other recreational facilities in Lee County and throughout Southwest Florida rely on Fire Ant Control’s proven service.

Quite simply, we keep families, athletes and animals safe from Fire Ant bites!

Managing Fire Ants is a reality that is made possible by scheduling our treatments every four months.

Regularly scheduled treatments applied to athletic fields, play grounds and other parks and recreational facilities keep people and animals free from bites and stings.

If you’re a private land owner or a municipal organization, we can help you solve your Fire Ant problem.

Fire Ant bites and stings can produce a broad range of reactions.

Some reactions are mild with minimal pain and swelling, but others can experience severe anaphylactic shock. If not treated quickly, Fire Ant bites and stings can be deadly!

Truthfully, few people have extreme reactions, but serious incidents are avoidable, and so it is possible that you could be held liable.

Fire ant infestations can be deadly.

Newborn animals are at an increased risk if they are born near or lie down near an ants nest.

Newborn animals can be attacked and killed by the many ants inhabiting the mound. Even a weanling horse can develop severe laminitis from multiple fire ant bites (stings) and may necessitate euthanasia.

Fire Ants also destroy and kill many beneficial organisms, including bees, butterflies, young birds, mice, rabbits, lizards, turtles, alligators, and even crocodiles!

Land should be treated to maintain a balanced eco-system, and also protect humans, pets and wild life.

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