Collier County Fire Ant Services

Collier County Fire Ant Services Are a Phone Call Away!

Demand for Collier County fire ant services is constant, and if you live in the area, you know exactly why. Fire ants are active all year long in southern Florida because our tropical climate is ideally suited for their life cycle. They will quickly establish a colony anywhere they can access moist soil. This makes back yards, golf courses, playgrounds, and just about any other outdoor area in Collier County prone to fire ant infestation.

Fire Ant Control uses a high quality bait that is only available to professional pest control companies. We apply the product to the exact specifications of the manufacturer to maximize its effectiveness. Plus, with years of experience eradicating fire ants, we know how to get the bait delivered correctly and quickly.

This is why hiring a pest control expert like Fire Ant Control is a better idea than buying hardware store ant poison and trying to handle the problem yourself. Our team of fire ant control experts are glad to inspect your property and begin treating for fire ants every four months.

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Why Do I Need Fire Ant Treatments Twice Per Year?

We strongly recommend having your property treated for fire ants every four months. After our bait exterminates the initial colony, it’s possible for a new colony to establish itself in the same area. A new colony can even take over the old colony’s nest, especially if the old colony ate all of the bait we applied four months ago. This is why it’s so important to stay on top of a six month fire ant treatment cycle.

How Does Our Fire Ant Bait Work?

Unlike many other pest control companies, we do not use poison-type products. Instead, our bait is an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR). It disrupts the ants’ natural growth cycle and renders the queen fire ant infertile. She stops reproducing, ants die off naturally, and over the course of a few weeks, the colony disappears.

Why Choose Fire Ant Control?

  • Fire Ant Control only uses approved products that are specifically formulated to eradicate fire ants, and not other insects such as pyramid ants.
  • The granular bait we use is taken by worker ants directly into fire ant nests in order to ensure that the bait is not accessed by other insects, pets, or children.
  • Our bait works by rendering the colony’s queen infertile, and one application is effective for four months.
  • We are experienced in treating a wide range of properties for fire ants. Whether your back yard, horse barn, or athletic fields are affected by fire ants, we can quickly treat the area for fire ants and deliver fast results.
  • Our staff are so committed to customer satisfaction that we don’t consider our job completed until you are totally satisfied with our work. We guarantee our service for four months after application.

We know that you don’t want to put up with fire ants on your property. If you have pets, kids, or livestock you want to keep healthy and safe, the concern is even greater.

Don’t put off your fire ant control treatment any longer! Call Fire Ant Control today at 239-312-8200 or visit our contact page for all your Collier County Fire Ant services.