Fire Ant Control Foot BiteYesterday I read an article that said fire ants were on the decline in Fort Lauderdale. This brought a chuckle similar to that of when I read an article a few years ago that said kids aren’t affected by sugar.

Any pest control company can tell you that fire ants do not just disappear. They simply move–to new land, or deep underground. Like all pests, fire ant outbreaks occur then the population seems to dwindle (as they grow), preparing for the next attack.

According to, there are a few natural predators that can affect fire ant numbers. Usually the native species will prey on the newly mated fire ant queens or smaller new colonies. However, the surviving queens and colonies reproduce and grow by the hundreds each day.

So while fire ants may seem to have declined, beware…just as that sugar rush is bound to affect your kid’s behavior, fire ant infestations are sure to crop up again soon if not already.