Lee County Fire Ant Services

Who Do Your Neighbors Call for Lee County Fire Ant Services?

Thanks to Florida’s tropical climate, the demand for Lee County fire ant services is constant year-round. Our warm temperatures and frequent rain showers make south Florida a haven for fire ants throughout all four seasons. If it seems like your battle with these biting pests is never ending, it’s not your imagination. In our area, fire ants can mate four or more times per year. That makes for an impressive fire ant population.

That’s great for the fire ants, but not so great for anyone else.

Fire ants bite, and those bites are painful!

The pain from a fire ant sting can linger for days or even weeks. Being stung by many fire ants at once can pose a life-threatening emergency for some people.

Therefore, getting rid of the fire ant colonies on your property can make your backyard far more pleasant, welcoming, and easier to utilize all year.

What Are Fire Ants?

Fire ants are tiny menaces that build colonies underground, in logs, inside walls – just about anywhere they have access to moist dirt. They typically have red bodies with black abdomens. They sometimes have wings. Unlike many other types of ants, fire ants bite their target to grip it, and then sting the person or animal with a stinger on its abdomen. Their stingers inject venom, which is what causes the characteristic burning pain associated with a fire ant attack.

It’s also worth noting that a swarm of fire ants can kill animals such as cats or small dogs. If enough ants sting a person at the same time, the attack can endanger his or her life.

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What’s the Difference Between Fire Ants and Other Ants?

Pyramid ants are also extremely common in south Florida, and they are actually considered beneficial insects because they eat many other types of bugs and help control their populations. They pose no threat to people. If you are not sure which type of ant you have in your yard, there is an easy way to find out. Stomp on the ground next to an ant hole. If the ants pour out the hole and try to attack you, they are fire ants. If the ants flee into their hole, they are pyramid ants.

Can I Get Rid Of My Fire Ants But Keep The Pyramid Ants?

Yes! Fire Ant Control uses a bait that is specifically formulated for fire ants. It poses no danger to pyramid ants or any other harmless type of ant. We simply identify your fire ant colonies and pour the granulated bait directly down the fire ant holes. The bait is then carried down into the colony and fed to the queen, who is sterilized by the bait. When the queen can no longer reproduce, the colony dies out.

How To Get Started With Fire Ant Control

Fire Ant Control only uses approved bait and follows the manufacturer’s specifications to the letter. This way, we can guarantee that your fire ant control will last – in fact, you shouldn’t see more than a few fire ants for about four months. This is why we recommend that you have your property treated for fire ants three times a year.

Your search for reliable Lee County fire ant services ends with Fire Ant Control…

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